• Water in places it should not be?

  • Ridiculous water bill?

  • Mysterious damp patch on the ceiling or wall?

  • Struggling to find the cause?

  • Want to avoid demolishing your home to find the leak?

  • Let us help you

  • We will bring back that smile

  • So you can get back to what is important

Our Clients

Our Clients

You are close to fixing the problem. Now take action

Water Leak detection and repair without invasive demolition.

So you have a mysterious water leak, and no idea where it is?

Congratulations! You have just solved the case, because right now, you have found the right people to help you locate the source of the water leak.

We have successfully located more than 8000 water leaks in the 12 years that we have been solving cases just like yours.

We test the integrity of the different installations (water supply and waste water system) to determine the most cost effective way of reparation. The best part is that we can do all of this with little to no excavation.

Once our equipment determines the location of the leak, we factor into account the cost of repair and calculate the most cost effective way to repair the damage.

This takes very little time and we often have our plumbing team on standby waiting to attend to the repair immediately.

We do not charge for guidance and advice.

We only charge to conduct a test on your pipes.

When you call us, to share the details about the problem you are facing, we will guide you through the steps you can take on your own to find that leak yourself.


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You are close to fixing the problem. Now take action